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Family Lawyer Rock Hill SC

Family-Law-Rock-HillThe attorneys at Mckinney, Tucker and Lemel and its predecessor firms have represented clients in divorce/separation situations for over 45 years. Most individuals will never encounter a more difficult and emotional task than the decision to separate and/or seek a divorce. When the time comes for such a decision, you must be prepared. Your life is about to change drastically and you need to have a plan and the appropriate representation in order to protect yourself, your children, and your assets.

Our attorneys will help you formulate a strategy and prepare you for the challenges of settlement, mediation, and litigation. It is our commitment to be with you through each and every step of the process and to not only achieve the best possible outcome but to also make sure that you are aware of all of the possible options at every stage and fully understand the implications of each option. Clients are much calmer and able to make sounder decisions when they have the benefit of experienced counsel. We strive to not only give sound legal advice but to also help our clients emotionally through the changes associated with separation and divorce. In regards to family law our firm represents clients in the following areas:




Property Division

Child Custody

Child Support


At McKinney, Tucker and Lemel, our attorneys work for you, the client. While we will provide sound legal advice and vigorously pursue the desired result, we represent your wishes. We not only listen to you, we work WITH you, and all of our clients. The ultimate decision on any major issue is to be made by you, the client, after careful consideration of all options in a cooperative relationship with our attorneys.

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