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“Get Help from an Attorney in Rock Hill SC”

The stress of being thrust into the legal system can be overwhelming and intimidating. Whether it’s an encounter with law enforcement, trouble in a domestic relationship, or being involved in an injury to you or another person, this stress is very real, and no one should be forced to deal with it on their own.  At this highly stressful moment in a person’s life, they are often forced to make a decision about what attorney to turn to for help. 


The attorneys at McKinney, Tucker and Lemel understand the stress and fear that you may be feeling when seeking out an attorney.  While no attorney can make these feelings go away, a competent, caring professional can help manage and minimize these issues, while working with you to obtain the best possible outcome for you.  With decades of combined experience helping the people of York County and South Carolina, our attorneys have become familiar with handling both the legal and emotional needs of our clients. Our firm’s philosophy is to work vigorously on our client’s behalf while making sure that lines of communication are built and maintained throughout the relationship. Experience, compassion and attention to detail are the guiding principles that we base our practice on.

 While everyone hopes they will not need to find a lawyer under stressful circumstances, the reality is that many will need to consult or hire one to assist them at some point in their lives.  Dealing with the complexities of the court system can be overwhelming under the best of circumstances, which is why selecting an attorney who is right for you is so important. We at McKinney, Tucker and Lemel hope that the information provided on this website will assist you in doing so. We welcome questions and inquiries and hope that you find the information useful when making this important decision. 

“Experience, Focus, and Responsiveness”

These are the core principles of our Rock Hill legal team. If you require legal representation fill in the contact form below (or call us) to let us know how we can help you, whether it’s a criminal, civil, or family law case.