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Criminal Lawyer in Rock Hill SC

Dont-plead-guiltyIf you have been arrested or accused of a crime, the anxiety has already built up.  It’s a challenging time in your life and a challenging road ahead.  You know that a misstep will have a dramatic effect on your life and the lives of those around you, unfortunately mostly on the ones you love.  You know that you need assistance in making decisions that will impact you both now and in the future.  That’s why you’re here.  In short, you know you need a strong advocate, an attorney, by your side.  You know you need a lawyer- now you need to make the right decision on which lawyer to choose.

At McKinney, Tucker & Lemel, we believe that there is no substitute for experience when it comes to choosing a lawyer to defend you in a criminal case.  This experience should not only encompass the length of time that someone has been a lawyer, but how much of that time has been spent handling criminal cases.  Most lawyers will handle cases over the course of their careers that involve whether a client receives or pays money.  These kinds of cases simply do not prepare an attorney for criminal cases.  We are proud to say that our attorneys have decades of experience in handling cases that involve our clients’ lives and liberty, in Rock Hill, Fort Mill, and the rest of York County.  For us, there is no resource that is more important to preserve than these things.  In other words, what happens to you really matters to us.

We are unique in how we handle criminal matters.  We spend the time necessary to get to know our clients as individuals, not just numbers on a file.  We find out what things matter most to our clients, whether  that is a need for treatment, the preservation of a job, or minimizing the publicity surrounding a case.  We advocate strongly for our clients while always keeping in mind that very real person that is being impacted by our strategies and decisions.  We work hard to establish our reputation with the judiciary, prosecutors, and law enforcement, so our clients reap the benefit of that respect.

Our attorneys are familiar with all phases involved in a criminal case. From the best way to handle interaction with law enforcement before charges are brought to the follow up necessary after the final court appearance is made.  We pride ourselves not only on knowing the processes and pitfalls of a criminal matter, but in our ability to explain them to our clients in a clear and understandable manner.  In the end, regardless of the outcome, we want our clients to know that they had strong, clear, and qualified guidance throughout a difficult and dangerous process.

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