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Child custody is one of the most emotional and contested areas of litigation in Family Court. No two custody disputes are alike and each client has unique parenting qualities which our attorneys will help evaluate and formulate a strategy to maximize. Based upon our decades of experience in this area, we have been confronted by parenting situations that have ranged from routine to highly unusual.  This experience has taught us the flexibility and creativity that is crucial in obtaining a positive outcome for these difficult situations.  As the issue of custody starts being set as soon as the parents are living separately, it is crucial that you consult an attorney immediately.  Failing to do so can have a dramatic impact on the final result of any case.  Our attorneys will work with you in all aspects of formulating and pursuing a parenting plan for your child or children which serves their best interest.

There are often other individuals involved in custody disputes including guardians ad litem, psychologists, and private investigators. Our attorneys will work closely with these individuals to reach a resolution which is in the best interest of your minor children.  Because of our extensive practice in this area, we are familiar with many of these professionals and have developed working relationships with them.  When involved in a custody manner, it is important to develop a team that addresses your concerns and gives us the best chance for a successful outcome.

A unique aspect of child custody matters is that they are ongoing.  In fact, until a child is emancipated, the Family Court has the ability to adjust earlier rulings if necessary.  It is important to remember that issues of custody and visitation are subject to modification based upon a substantial change in circumstances. The actions of a parent before, during, and after litigation have a direct impact on the outcome of any custody/visitation disputes.